Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance in Snoqualmie, WA

An affordable vision insurance policy from our agency can cover a wide variety of benefits and comes at a very low monthly premium.

The Value of Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is one of the most affordable insurance policies available today. Your plan will help you protect the health of your eyes and save you out of pocket expenses on things like glasses, exams and contacts. You can even receive discounts on services such as Lasik. And best of all, by selecting a plan from our agency, you have an advocate to help you with questions about your plan any time of year. We live where you do after all.

What You Get With Vision Insurance

Benefits can include:

  • Annual vision exams
  • Yearly allowance to use towards contact lenses or glasses
  • Specialty Glasses
  • Frame allowances
  • Discounts on Lasik or PRK

Doesn’t My Health Insurance Cover This?

No, health insurance does not cover the cost of routine eye exams, glasses or other vision related expenses. Health insurance would cover an injury to an eye or other medical problem with your eye if your optometrist finds something during your eye exam.  It is wise to have both plans to ensure you can minimize your our of pocket expenses.

Coverage For Everyone

Vision insurance is affordable for almost everyone and typically does not fluctuate much the older you get.

If you have questions bout vision insurance, contact an agent in our office. We offer a variety of vision insurance plans and coverage options and can help you select the one the is right for you.