We believe in freedom from worry when it comes to your Medicare insurance.  Our licensed insurance agency is providing insurance to thousands of individuals across Washington.  We help you develop a strategy to keep moving forward in the Medicare world.

Customer Service

We love Medicare and we love people!  This agency has been built around providing unparalleled customer service.  We will always focus on you and your needs.  After all, 65 is our favorite number!

Our Agents

We are local.  We pride ourselves on our continuing education and understanding of the local markets.  This means that we know where you go to get your care and the necessity of helping you choose the best insurance for your unique needs and wants.  As an independent agency, we work solely for you and are here to help you with any questions or anything you need.


Thank you for the clearest explanation of the difference between Medicare Advantage and Medigap that I have heard yet! 


It takes a special woman to combine brains with sense of humor. I have great admiration and respect for you. You walk the talk; not everyone does.


There is a reason I refer to Theresa Baker as TB. It’s not just her initials. 
It stands for The Best!  


I have been very impressed by both her work integrity and her ability to influence and inspire others.


Theresa is highly ethical which is hard to come by with insurance agents. She deeply cares about her clients.


Thank you so much for your guidance yesterday. I, like many of your clients I’m sure, appreciate you and what you do to simplify a very complicated process.


Thanks so much for meeting with us yesterday. We really appreciate all your help. It’s so reassuring to know that someone with expertise is guiding us through the Medicare maze!

JK Redmond, WA

Why Work With BIG?

We are an independent insurance agency.  We work for you and help you develop your best strategy to make your best decision. Since 2009, Baker Insurance Group has helped thousands of individuals.  We have relationships with most top-rated Medicare insurance carriers.  Our thorough knowledge of the local insurance marketplace means more options, smart decision making and more savings for individuals.  We enjoy helping you find the plan that fits your unique needs.

We have office locations in Bellevue, Issaquah, Snoqualmie, Kirkland and Tacoma.  It is not uncommon to find us meeting with clients in Spokane, Vancouver, on the islands or even virtually.  We try to make it convenient for you to meet with us.

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